Temporary Emloyment Agency

Code of Ethical Conduct

We believe that the road to success leads through the development of a modern organisational culture around a common system of universal values ​​such as honesty, transparency, fairness to employees, candidates, clients and other stakeholders.



We want objectivity and professionalism to be an inherent characteristic of our actions, and trust and effective communication a guarantor of their success.
I. General principles
  1. The MGsolutions Code of Ethics, hereinafter referred to as the Code, applies to all candidates, employees, associates.  
  2. The whole environment of MGsolutions is committed to forming relationships based on values ​​resulting from the Code and to promote the principles set out therein
  3. The ethical principles set out in the Code arise from the strategy, which takes into account social interests and environmental protection, as well as relationships with different groups of stakeholders.
II. Activities of MGsolutions
         The activities of MGsolutions are guided by the fundamental principle of acting in good faith.
  1. Candidates, employees and associates comply with the laws, rules of fair competition and generally recognized rules of social coexistence in the country and the society in which they undertake their activities.
  2. The company will respect the traditions and culture of each country in which it operates.
  3. The company will act responsibly in the international provision of services, in accordance with agreements recognised by Poland.
III. Participants of the recruitment process
  1. Employees and associates of MGsolutions in the recruitment processes will implement the principle of equal treatment on grounds of sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, trade union membership, sexual orientation and ethnicity.
  2. All employees and associates are obligated, in particular, to maintain full confidentiality of information about candidates for employment in terms of the recruitment processes carried out.
  3. Focusing on reliable and comprehensive information provided to participants of the recruitment process relating to the offer, the requirements, and course of the process, persons leading the recruitment processes will effectively advise and suggest potential development directions.
  4. Employees and associates are obligated to continuously improve their knowledge and skills.
IV. Employees and associates
  1. MGsolutions cares about the implementation of the principle of equal treatment in relation to its employees and associates, does not allow discrimination based on sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, trade union membership, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. 
  2. From employees and associates, the company expects commitment, fair fulfilment of their obligations, for which it ensures a fair and timely payment of wages and proper working conditions. At the same time, the company supports the development and training opportunities by providing access to professional training.
  3. MGsolutions strives for the best possible communication with each employee and associate, providing the possibility to make proposals and comments.
V.   Customers, partners and contractors
  1. MGsolutions cares about the preservation of good relations with customers, partners and contractors, believing that these relations should be based on mutual trust, and any information acquired during the course of the cooperation, as well as after its completion, shall be treated as confidential.
  2. MGsolutions reliably settles its financial obligations towards clients, partners and contractors.
VI.   Other providers of temporary employment agency services 
  1. MGsolutions competes fairly with competitors and will not undermine their reputation.
  2. In contacts with competitors, our employees will avoid situations allowing confidential information regarding the company to be transferred.
  3. The company will not try to obtain information on the competition by illegal means.
  4. The company will not apply restrictive, illegal trade practices.
VII. Relations with the authorities and local communities
  1. The company will take into account the interests of the entire environment, including national and local interests.
  2. The company will make every effort to be a socially sensitive economic entity, will serve the community by providing favourable opportunities for employment and good working conditions.
  3. As part of its activities, MGsolutions will support the local community as much as possible. Any donations to charity will be awarded within a framework of rules set by the owner.
VIII. Natural environment
  1. MGsolutions in its activities is guided by a high level of environmental responsibility.
  2. The company is committed to the protection of the environment and to using natural resources in a responsible manner.
IX. Relationships between business and politics
  1. The company's policy regarding supporting social and political action is public.
  2. The company's activities will be characterised by full respect for the law, implemented by democratically established local, regional and national government.
  3. The company will not treat politicians and representatives of the authorities in a particularly privileged manner.
X    Implementation of the code of ethics
  1. Ethical standards applicable in the company are universal and apply to the whole company and its environment.
  2. Implementation of the Code is linked to the monitoring of compliance with the implementation of the ethics program, and the application of the Code is the result of educating the employees in regard to the adopted rules.
  3. The company should monitor compliance of its decisions and methods of operation with the principles accepted in the Code.
  1. The aim of the implementation of the code of ethics is to create a favourable working climate and to sincerely explain any questions concerning the behaviour and decisions considered as ethically reprehensible.