Temporary Emloyment Agency

Career counselling

Career counselling consists of finding a new place of employment for people with at least 1 year of professional experience.

The search for a better, more rewarding job for the candidate takes place in many areas:

  • Searching for job offers on the Internet and directly in companies in a particular industry
  • Preparing the candidate for an interview
  • Building a professional online image of the employee
  • Participation in soft skills training
  • Consultations on choosing an appropriate career path in reference to the potential of the current labour market.

Duration of service, depending on the range, is from 2 to 3 months.
Career counselling is directed only to persons with, among others, 1 year of professional experience. These could be people working or currently unemployed, looking for work. Our offer is especially dedicated to those with managerial and specialist experience, dissatisfied with their current job, or exploring new avenues of development.
Career counselling package contents:

  • Meeting with a professional consultant in regard to the analysis of previous experience, an area in which the candidate seeks to find a job, skills and qualifications possessed, previous attempts to find a job, difficulties in interviews as well as consultations concerning the activities carried out by MGsolutions.
  • Preparation of professional application documents:
  • Providing a professional photo for the resume
  • Suitable graphic design of the resume
  • Ensuring the proper layout of the resume
  • Translation of the resume into English/another language
  • Assistance in writing the cover letter.
  • Preparing for an interview - the candidate will be professionally prepared for an interview by mastering the appropriate method of self-presentation and the ability to answer the potential employer's questions.  Each meeting before the interview, preceding the meeting at MGsolutions, will last approx. 40 minutes. Assistance in the preparation of personal negotiation strategy of wage conditions and conditions of employment.
  • Participation in improvement training, organised by MGsolutions regarding soft skills.
  • Building a candidate's image on the Internet - creating profiles on job portals Goldenline, LinkedIn, Profeo, Infopraca.
  • Presentation of job offers to the candidate supporting his development
  • Providing the personal care of a personnel adviser during the service.