Temporary Emloyment Agency

Temporary work

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Temporary work is a flexible solution providing ample opportunities of employment policy planning in the company, as well as responding to a sudden increase in demand for external personnel associated with the seasonality of production, increase in orders or increasing number of clients.
The main advantages of temporary work are:
  • All obligations towards employees are taken over by MGsolutions
  • MGsolutions coordinates the entire process of finding and handling the employer's staff, from the selection, recruitment by posting, to the termination of cooperation and issuing a certificate of employment
Temporary employment services are provided in accordance with applicable Polish legislation. Specific issues related to temporary work are regulated by the Act on Temporary Employment of 9 July 2003.
It specifies, among other things:
  • The cases in which the company may use temporary work services
  • Basic rights and obligations of the parties
  • Conditions in which hiring temporary workers is prohibited
  • Types of contracts and the permitted duration of employment of temporary workers (for one employer)
Issues related to Occupational Health and Safety, equally important for us, are regulated by Article 102 of the Act of 13 April 2007 on the National Labour Inspectorate.
The company is thriving not only on the Polish labour market but also in many other European countries, including Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Belgium.