Temporary Emloyment Agency

Personnel consulting

Personnel consulting - is part of the process of human resource management and a formalised process of recruiting people to the organisation.
MGsolutions tailors its services to individual customer needs based on the personnel profile of the future employee. With extensive experience of our staff, we are able to find an employee that fits perfectly into the position to be held. Our search is based on the most effective methods of recruitment, using databases, Direct Search and Search & Selection.
The main advantages of personnel consulting are:
  • Time savings for the client - MGsolutions verifies and analyses the incoming application documents, carries out interviews and recommends the best candidates
  • Money savings - your employees can focus on activities in the daily life of the company, without wasting time or energy on recruiting new employees, helping to maximise the company's profits
  • Guarantee for the client - if the employee hired does not meet expectations, we will immediately look for new candidates meeting all requirements