Temporary Emloyment Agency


Outplacement is a program of professional mobilisation of people who are in the process of termination of their employment contract or are at risk of dismissal. It concerns people whose employment contract is being terminated for reasons attributable to the company. The main objective of this service is to alleviate the effects of the dismissal. The program is prepared with focus on the workers being laid-off, whom it helps to smoothly enter the external labour market and overcome the stress caused by the loss of employment. Outplacement includes professional and psychological counselling, adaptive training, and direct search for employment.

Benefits of outplacement from the point of view of the employee:
  • Access to job offers in their industry in the local market
  • Time savings and greater efficiency in the search for work
  • Access to information on career opportunities
  • Possibility of retraining through the available courses
  • Strengthening motivation and self-esteem through workshops, which aim to provide knowledge and skills needed in the labour market
  • Reduction of negative emotions related to the dismissal process
  • Increasing the chances of maintaining continuity of employment
  • Obtaining continuous emotional, technical and administrative support
  • Remaining in good contact with the previous employer
  • Receiving very good references for interested employers
  • Preparation for interviews with potential employers, establishing appropriate contacts and preparing application documents.
Benefits of outplacement from the point of view of the employer:
  • Increasing the loyalty of employees in the company who, understanding the difficult situation of the company, appreciate the assistance given to laid-off workers
  • Improving the atmosphere at work and interpersonal relations within the company
  • The remaining employees are aware that if they are laid off, they may also be eligible for an outplacement program
  • No costs of decreased efficiency of workers staying with the company
Improving the company's image in the eyes of the local community and business partners.